Versatile Software Development

I am available as a short or long term contractor for a variety of different project needs.

  • From Prototype to Deployment. Integrate me in a long term basis to help build an interface or application from the ground up.
  • Framework Pruning. Strip a bloated, legacy framework-based JavaScript apps down to clean, modern and low-dependency HTML/CSS/JS.
  • Bug Extermination. Implement best practices for a sound foundation when technical debt starts spinning out of control.
  • Polyglot Developer. I don’t build everything in JavaScript, but rather use the right language for the job with an emphasis on maintainability and performance. (see Skills Matrix window).
  • Visualizer. I’ve used d3 to build intricate and beautiful data graphs for over 10 years.
  • Agile-Friendly. I have 7 years experience using Jira, Confluence and Trello, and can easily integrate with your agile team for just a couple sprints or more.
  • Solid Scaffolding. Starting a new JavaScript project is never as easy as just running npm init -y. I provide your team with custom templates that works for your CI/CD pipelines.
  • CI/CD Pipeline Management. Write scripts for unit test coverage, style guide enforcement and/or compile executables for all the major operating systems and deploy it all to the edge.


Checkout the following service offerings for a more detailed explanation:

Front-end Development

Delivery of semantic, accessible and progressively-enhanced HTML and CSS templates with JavaScript and native Web Components. Experienced with Go, ASP.Net, Django, and various Node.js-based templating systems. My recommendation is to go as close to vanilla JavaScript and CSS as possible and prefer to work in build-less environments, as they tend to have lower overhead and lower vendor lock in.

UI Component Libraries

Development of adaptable design systems into reusable Web Components from the ground up or updating previously established codebases to include modern techniques or improved accessibility. Distribution by either a package manager such as npm or build-less CDN deployments.

Developer Ergonomics

Provide well established best practices templates for a variety of languages and project types, such as a JavaScript library or a Go CLI. This includes:

  • Linting configuration and editor integration (ESLint, TypeScript)
  • Code formatting configuration and editor integration (Prettier, gopls, rustfmt, etc)
  • End-to-end and unit testing suites
  • IDE setup (NeoVim or Visual Studio Code)
Web Application Development

Single-page applications using a modern framework, dynamic data visualization using libraries like D3 or Preact. Optional API and authentication development is available, depending on scope and budget.

CLI Applications and Tooling

Delivery of executable programs that follow the Command Line Interface Guidelines. Preferred tools are Go with Cobra or Rust with Clap, depending on the scope of work.

Indie Game Development

Leveraging Lua expertise, gained from NeoVim configuration, in Lua-based game engines like PICO-8 and the PlayDate. Capable of programming game logic, especially in collaboration with a game designer.

Get in Touch

Reach out if you have a project in mind, development questions or a great ramen recipe.

Skills Matrix